About the Practice

What makes us different?

We have made the decision to structure our practice very differently from the standard pediatric office. We want to build a strong therapeutic relationship with each and every one of our patient families. We want to be able to address all of your questions and concerns thoroughly. We want to offer advice, share stories, and listen to our patients. This is why our standard visits are one hour long, with acute visits scheduled for 30 minutes.

Do we make house calls?

Yes. For the first newborn visit, a house call is our standard practice as long as the family agrees. Otherwise, we generally see patients in the clinic unless the situation dictates that a house call is truly in the family’s best interest.

What kinds of families join our practice?

We believe all families can benefit from our thorough, integrative technique. Our patients:

  • want to have time to ask their doctor questions and discuss alternatives to conventional care.
  • recognize the value of an integrative approach in their own health care, and are seeking like-minded physicians to bring the same philosophy to their children’s health.
  • want to use their physician as a resource for topics such as child nutrition, sleep training, or adolescent behavior in addition to medical concerns.

Why are we out of network?

We have found that within the existing insurance system, this level of dedicated time to each family’s care is not a viable option. Many pediatricians see 30-40 patients a day because of low reimbursement rates from insurance companies for primary care. Working outside the insurance system enables us raise the standard of care for each family.