Parent Comments


“Why is Dr. Deirdre Bernard-Pearl my first choice pediatrician?  She is always wise and calm with me, always warm and fun with my kids.  She has consulted us through bee stings and other small emergencies, stuck by our side through an unexpected stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and brainstormed solutions to breastfeeding difficulties, bedtime resistance,
and other daily challenges of raising three kids.  Somehow Dr. Bernard-Pearl always gives us as much time as we need.  She offers traditional and alternative options, looks into the latest research on any topic, and really listens to our questions and concerns – and those of our kids!  We trust her experience, honesty and compassion… and just love her warm and reassuring smile.”
Nina, mother of Serena, Sylvie, and Charlotte

“Here’s how I would describe Dr. Amy Maidenberg: smart, professional, up to date on the latest research, but also caring, committed, and willing to listen to my concerns and preferences. I trusted her judgment, and appreciated her ability to make medical issues accessible. She was open to my desire to follow a more spread out vaccination schedule with my younger child, but she carefully weighed the pros and cons of timing every vaccination with me, so that I knew I was not neglecting my daughter’s health. She alerted me to new medical research before it was widely publicized, which reassured me that she was on top of the latest developments. My kids loved seeing her on office visits, and so did I. I felt that she genuinely cared about us, like a personal friend. We miss her so much now that we’ve moved out of the area. Pediatricians like her are rare gems.” – Jill, mother of Zachary and Alexia

“We are so pleased with the care our daughter receives from Dr. Bernard-Pearl. She has an excellent foundation in western medicine and is also extremely knowledgeable about alternative methods. She takes time to listen to our concerns and answer questions. She is everything we want in a pediatrician: intelligent, informed, compassionate and respectful of our decisions. Best of all, our daughter loves her: she fell asleep in her arms while we were talking!” – Vanessa, Labor and Delivery Nurse

“Deirdre Bernard-Pearl speaks gently and respectfully to my children–and she listens and hears everything I say.  Her priority is making sure both the kids and parents feel comfortable and confident in the plan she suggests. She always explains “why” and loves sharing her deep understanding about how everything works in the body. Don’t be surprised if she calls and checks in several times until she knows everything is better. What a comfort.” – Jill, Children’s book Editor